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Bendable Coir Pole™ 10-49 Units
Create a stunning masterpiece with your plant. ✨ Mossify's beautiful Bendable Coir Pole will give new life to your plant! They listened to your feedback and created this!! A thinner and more minimal design with the same amazing quality and function!...
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Bendable Moss Pole™
🌿 Train your plants to grow where you want them to! 🤩 Climbing Plants DO NOT grow at a perfect 90º angle... So why are all the other moss poles straight? Not here. 💫 Mossify has developed the first Bendable Moss Pole™...
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Continuous Water mistr - Automatic Rechargeable Plant Mister
💚 Give your plants the mist they want 💚 🌱 Bring back some natural mist to your plants. Recreate the rainforest with this ultra fine mist! Increase your plants moisture levels without over watering your soil. 🌱 📏 Mossify mistr...
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