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Our Design Services

Our Design Service

We have proudly been styling interiors of Las Vegas since 2019. Plants have the incredible power to make your space feel so happy. This work brings us so much joy as we have seen the power of bringing nature indoors. It really changes the way people connect with their space and it so quickly transforms a dull space into something truly alive and inspired.


For some, plants might be a new venture and we understand it can be overwhelming at first. Tying to understand WHAT precisely is "bright indirect light"? And how and when to water? What plants will best complement my space?

This is why a home consult may be for you. We will observe your space, what direction your windows face, what type of window coverings you may have, as well as learn about your lifestyle and pair you with plants that will adapt best to your level of care and your interior environmental conditions.

Home styling

Home Styling

Plants in the home decrease stress, brighten your mood and inspire creativity! While also decreasing in-home air pollutants. One famous NASA experiment, published in 1989, found that indoor plants can scrub the air of cancer-causing volatile organic compaounds like benzene and formaldehyde.

Business styling

Business Styling

A plant-filled space will elevate the aesthetic of your space, while alsoimproving air quality, productivity and even your employees' & customers' mood. Carrie Lynn's will help you achieve a plant-based vibe that aligns withyour business & vision.


At our initial consultation we will:

  • talk through your personal goals for your space
  • discuss your needs - we can work flexibly to cater for an installation of multiple phases to suit your timeline and budget
  • assess the lighting and other environmental conditions. This helps us to determine what plants are most suited to the space


After the consultation we will have a proposal of plants and pots selected for you. ONce you approve the selection of items we have specially curated for your space we can schedule delivery and installation.


Upon install we will provide detailed care instructions for your new plants or set up recurring maintenance service if you require assistance.

Indoor Plant Maintenance

We can provide you with a tailored plant care service including pest prevention and control, fertilising, pruning and repotting. We offer weekly, fortnightly and monthly plant maintenance depending on your needs.

Start today with your consultation

Plant consultation
On-site consultation

Initial on-site consultation $150*

*This cost if 100% refundable if you spend over $1000 on pots & plants.

(Not to include taxes, delivery or potting charge)

FaceTime consultation

FaceTime consultation*

Booked in 45 min. Increments $50

*50% cancellation fee will be charged if appt. is cancelled within 12 hours of appointment.

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