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Chain Candle Holders


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Handcrafted Chain Candle Holder. Each chain link is welded together. Each base is hand cut and all of the tops are fabricated. Fits a standard 7/8" taper candle.

Tall: 9" x 3". Powder coated finish.

Medium - 7.25" x 3". Powder coated finish.

Small - 5.5" x 3". Powder coated finish.


-Do not allow tapers to burn down to the metal on candleholders. This can damage the candleholder & is a fire hazard. Never leave a candle burning unattended. 

-To prevent drips, keep candle away from drafts.

-To clean drips off of your candleholder, place the item in freezer for a few hours. Gently chip off frozen wax. For hard to reach areas, heat wax with a blow dryer just until it melts & wipe away with paper towel. 


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